EWAS International Symposium 2021 - Productivity New Age

20 Ottobre 2021

Ore 16:00





World Class innovative solutions to manage and control Labor Productivity and Ergonomics

The last 2 years battered by the pandemic crisis have uprooted economic-managerial paradigms, which considered the effect of industrial globalization to be irreversible. The current reality, on the other hand, tells us that knowing how to produce is an indispensable critical success factor for our economy and that the labor cost is not the only aspect to consider in the strategic design of our manufacturing footprint. The new vision has therefore placed again the focus on Productivity. 

For this reason, EIS 2021 organized by Fondazione Ergo with the full support of the EAWS Platform and One-MTM Network, is thought to share some of the best projects on the subject of work organization and good productivity, giving particular emphasis to innovative solutions that benefit from the latest digital discoveries and technologies. 

Key topics of discussion:

  • Cloud platform and productivity
  • Work design, work measurement and sustainability
  • Application of exoskeletons and their effects
  • Ergonomic analysis and tools

PwC is part of the initiative.

Speaker: Gabriele Caragnano, Partner PwC Italy, EMEA Operations Technical Director, Fondazione Ergo on "Design for digitization applied to preventive ergonomics of cyclical human work in manufacturing : EAWS 2.0"

Attendance is free of charge. For registration click here



Giulia Nicora

Fondazione Ergo




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